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Border crossing made safer, smarter, faster 

Bienvenidos is the world’s first community-based navigation app for immigration. Using crowdsourced data from users, Bienvenidos provides real-time info about the best immigration routes to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border. 


Coming 2018


Discover the best routes and avoid obstacles

Get notified about the most efficient routes and entry points. Receive alerts on Border Patrol agents, drones, ground sensors, and hidden camera locations. Be warned of hazards and obstacles like heat waves, dangerous river crossings, and wild animals. 


Outsmart any wall with live updates

View updates in real-time on the status of the new border wall construction. Get reports on vulnerable areas along current fences and barricades, like openings, lack of barbed wiring, and flimsy construction. Share tunneling locations and conditions.



Help each other every step of the way

Dropped pins provide the geolocation of water supplies and rations from volunteers, hide-out locations, and sites that offer natural shade from extreme heat or potential flash floods.


Go stealth mode

The option for low light stealth mode gives users the power to travel at night without detection. 


Connect with others

Keep tabs on travel companions, friends and family in real-time, giving you the power to coordinate movements and meet-up locations.


Stay on track

With cities and roadways so far apart, you’ll never have to worry about losing your way again with the app’s built-in map functionality and route finding system.

Upcoming Locations

Coming soon to the following countries.

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About Us

Bienvenidos is dedicated to making immigration easier and safer for those looking to enter or reenter the United States. By connecting immigrants to one another, we hope to make border crossing simpler and easier, improving the quality of everyone’s journey. Imagine the power of handily avoiding Border Patrol agents, saving time with faster immigration routes, and keeping tabs on the construction of the border wall and its vulnerabilities. All from the palm of your hand.


How It Works

Simply enter your location and get going. Users can move with the app open on their phone to automatically contribute to the route finding features, or actively contribute real-time data by sharing information like Border Patrol traps, extreme weather conditions, hazards, and other notifications about what’s ahead.